About us

Why Beyond Action

We are an adventures company managed and operated by outdoor professionals who’s certified as mountain guides and firs aider beside our passionate is adventures and outdoor activities.

We believe that everyone has a story to till about their adventures, we would like to be part of that story!

Safety is our DNA, we provide our activities based on international standards and taking a measurements to minimize the associated risks on each activity.

We belong to nature, during our activities we are working hard to minimize the impact on the environment. We are are following Leave No Trace principles.

Our Story

Our story starts when two friends Ebrahim and Abdulaziz decide to run away from the life routine and start hangouts in the wilderness, they spend their time either in challenging situations or enjoyable moments.

During their adventure they meet great people locally and globally which became a part of their adventure stories.

Today, some of those great people they met are the core of Beyond Action and work as a family to share their adventure passion with others.

We are still living and enjoying our big dream and story ! You can be part of that story.

Our Goal

We are looking to provide our adventures with a unique experience which you will keep as a memory for your entire life!

Our main objectives are:

  • Promote adventure tourism in the United Arab Emirates
  • Promote and build an adventure culture
  • Introduce the UAE culture and heritage to the guests

Meet the Team

Abdulaziz Al Sharhan


Ebrahim Al Nuaimi


Mohamed Fakhry

Oprations Superviser

Kim Okkola

Outdoor Expert

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